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About Us

"Support our customers by providing innovative, cost-effective engineering solutions, prototypes, components, and components to enable our respective business partners to achieve superior financial performance and quality growth."

  • Establish a challenging and enjoyable work environment to promote teamwork.

  • Maintain our integrity with customers, suppliers, and employees.

  • Support our business partners, and exceed their expectations.

  • Be unified in our support and our pursuit of a unified vision.

  • Develop our people to the best in the industry.

ShenZhen City YuanYiDa Precise Manufacture Co., Ltd. is your top choice for an Aluminum/copper heat sink.  We can provide various electronic radiators for different industries. Our electronic radiator is widely used in the radiator shell of various electronic instruments. They are also used in high-tech products, such as high-speed trains, new energy vehicle radiators, etc.

Founded in 2008, ShenZhen City YuanYiDa Precise Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various hardware accessories. We can provide a variety of products to meet the changing market demand. 

At DF, we are committed to superior quality, competitive price, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The name DF has been proud to serve the industry for more than 10 years. By constantly looking for ways to improve our operations, we operate on the technological frontier. 

We offer more than precision mechanical parts. We provide expertise at all stages of the machining process, including processing and finishing. PDF specializes in precision production work, although we have the ability to handle short-run and prototype work.

At DF, you don't have to sacrifice quality for quantity. Our service industries include food packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, military, transportation, electronics, etc. Our equipment list will tell you our machinery and equipment, as well as the materials we process.

DF's professional and dedicated staff will be happy to answer your inquiries and handle your quotations and orders in a polite and efficient manner.DF only expects and accepts the highest quality standards. We are a quality-oriented processing service company, and inspection is an integral part of every job. We require sampling inspection in each production process and quality assurance inspection after each process. All goods require a final inspection. Test equipment and tools are calibrated regularly; All parts are degreased, deburred, and free from scratches, chips, and debris. Our customers can rely on the production of parts to their exact specifications (tolerances plus or minus. 0001 can be maintained).

Our production department employs experienced machinists with a variety of machining skills. Our office and management staff are friendly professionals who are ready to serve our customers. Attention to detail is essential. Quality is our foothold in the machining industry.

Just-in-time delivery is a high priority, and an effective scheduling system helps us ensure them. Experience makes us aware of and allows us to deal with many variables that may affect the timeliness of delivery. We don't think a job has been completed until it has been delivered and accepted by our customers. When ordering materials, the convenience of the supplier is as important as the quality of the goods.

Every order is treated with the same care and diligence. All parts are packaged to protect their surface and quality. Additional packaging materials are often used to achieve this. If necessary, we will adopt special treatment to ensure the protection of each piece.

We believe that price is a major factor in creating and sustaining our customer base and continued growth. We do our homework in the quotation process to ensure the best price of materials and delivery. Experience and efficiency are the key factors to maintain our price competitiveness and fairness.

We need factory test reports for all materials in the factory. Experience and rich knowledge enable us to foresee and prevent any ambiguous or potentially troublesome situation in our product department. We guarantee to produce finished products according to specifications, and we are not afraid to seek solutions in case of problems.

DF has served the machining industry for more than 10 years. The experience and expertise accumulated over the years are our most valuable tools. From quotation to delivery, originality and responsibility are our compasses. We strive to provide competitive prices for our materials and manufacturing. Only by purchasing from suppliers can we prove their reliability in terms of quality and delivery. By interacting with people with similar business philosophies and professional ethics, we have found a harmonious workflow and success, which we are happy to pass on to our customers.

1st floor, building B, hanhaida Science Park, 11 lougang Avenue, Songgang town, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China