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These 3 Points Must Be Paid Attention to when Processing Stainless Steel Turning Parts

Ⅰ. Before the processing of stainless steel turning parts

1. Strictly use protective equipment according to the regulations before work, tie up the cuffs, do not wear scarves or gloves, and female workers should wear their braids in their hats. The operator must stand on the foot pedal.

2. The bolts, travel limit, signal, safety protection (insurance) device, mechanical transmission part, electrical part, and lubrication points of each part should be strictly inspected, and the machine can only be started after it is confirmed to be reliable.

3. The safety voltage and voltage of all kinds of machine tool lighting applications should not exceed 36V.

Ⅱ. Stainless steel turning parts processing operation

1. Workers, clips, tools and workpieces must be firmly clamped. All kinds of machine tools should be idling at low speed after starting up, and can only be officially operated after everything is normal.

2. It is forbidden to place tools and other things on the guide rail surface of the machine tool or on the workbench. It is not allowed to remove iron filings by hand, and special tools should be used for cleaning.

3. Before starting the stainless steel turning parts processing machine tool, observe the surrounding dynamics. After the machine tool is started, stand in a safe position to avoid the moving parts of the machine tool and the splashing of iron filings.

4. During the operation of various machine tools, it is not allowed to adjust the speed change mechanism or stroke, and it is not allowed to touch the working surface of the transmission part, the workpiece in motion, the cutting tool, etc. during processing, and it is not allowed to measure any size during operation. The transmission part transfers or takes tools and other items.

5. When abnormal noise is found, the machine should be stopped for maintenance immediately, and it is not allowed to run forcibly or with a disease, and the machine tool is not allowed to be overloaded.

6. During the processing of each machine part, strictly implement the process discipline, see the drawings clearly, see the control points of each part, the roughness and the technical requirements of the relevant parts, and determine the production process of the parts.

7. Stop the machine when adjusting the machine speed, stroke, clamping workpieces and tools, and wiping the machine. It is not allowed to leave the work station when the machine tool is running. When leaving for some reason, you must stop the machine and cut off the power supply.

Ⅲ. After the machining operation of stainless steel turning parts

1. Raw materials to be processed and processed finished products, semi-finished products and waste materials must be stacked in the designated place, and all kinds of tools and knives must be kept intact and in good condition.

2. After the operation, the power supply must be cut off, the tool must be removed, the handles of each part should be placed in the neutral position, and the switch box should be locked.

3. The cleaning equipment is hygienic, the iron filings are cleaned, and the guide rails are filled with lubricating oil to prevent corrosion.

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