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The Method of CNC Lathe Programming and the Selection of Tool Post

Ⅰ. The method of CNC turning machine programming

There are three methods of CNC turning machine programming: manual programming, automatic programming and machining center CAD/CAM.

1. Manual programming

Manually complete part pattern analysis, process processing, numerical calculation, writing program list until program input and inspection. It is suitable for point-to-point processing or parts with less complex geometric shapes, but it is very time-consuming and prone to errors when compiling complex parts.

2. Automatic programming

Using a computer or a programming machine to complete the process of compiling a part program is very convenient for complex parts.


Use CAD/CAM software to realize automatic programming of modeling and images. The most typical software is Master CAM, which can complete the programming of two-coordinate, three-coordinate, four-coordinate and five-coordinate milling, turning, and wire cutting. Although this type of software has a single function, it is easy to learn and low in price.

Ⅱ. The use of tool holders for CNC turning machine work

1. CNC turning machines can be equipped with two tool holders:

(1) Special knife holder. Developed by the CNC turning machine manufacturer itself, the tool holder used is also dedicated. The advantage of this tool holder is that it is cheap to manufacture, but it lacks versatility.

(2) Universal knife holder. Manufacturers of CNC turning machines can select and configure tool holders according to certain general standards (such as VDI, German Association of Engineers) according to the functional requirements of CNC turning machines.

①Milling power head

After the milling power head is installed on the CNC turning machine tool holder, the processing capacity of the CNC turning machine can be greatly expanded. For example: using the milling head for axial drilling and milling axial slots.

②Cutting tool of CNC turning machine

When turning parts on a CNC turning machine or turning machining center, the position of the tool on the tool holder should be reasonably and scientifically arranged according to the tool holder structure of the CNC turning machine and the number of tools that can be installed, and care should be taken to avoid the tool being stationary and working. Interference between tools and machine tools, tools and workpieces, and tools.

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