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Introduction to Five-axis CNC Milling Machine!

A five-axis machining center has high efficiency and high precision, and can complete a five-sided machining with one clamping. If equipped with a high-end five-axis CNC system, it can also perform high-precision machining on complex spatial surfaces, making it more suitable for modern mold processing such as automotive parts and aircraft structural components. The use of axis-linked machine tools makes clamping of workpieces easier. There is no need for special fixtures during processing, reducing fixture costs, avoiding multiple clamping, and improving mold processing accuracy.

Introduction and application of five-axis CNC milling machine

The machine is a horizontal self-made five-axis special processing equipment, with the spindle (servo) power drive. It can complete drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming (tapping), and other multi-process machining of various complex parts such as disks, plates, shells, cams, molds, etc. with one clamping. It is suitable for the production of multiple varieties and small and medium batches of parts, and can better display its superiority in the processing of complex and high-precision parts.

Main structural features of five-axis CNC milling machine

  • The main basic components such as the base, slide, worktable, and spindle box are made of high-rigidity cast iron structure, which ensures the high rigidity and anti-bending shock performance of the basic components; the basic components are made of resin sand modeling and aging treatment to ensure the long-term use of the machine Tool accuracy stability provides a guarantee for machine tool performance reliability.

  • The X and Z guide rails are rectangular guide rails, and there is no frictional resistance during the guide rail surface motion, no low-speed crawling phenomenon, which improves the accuracy and service life of the machine tool.

  • The X and Z feeding in the two directions adopt high-precision and high-strength ball screws from well-known brands, with high feeding speed and high positioning accuracy of the machine tool;

  • Both the X and Z directions of the guide rails and ball screws are sealed and protected to ensure the cleanliness of the ball screws and guide rails, and ensure the transmission and motion accuracy of the machine tool;

  • The external protection of the machine tool adopts a fully enclosed structure design, which is safe and reliable; a semi-protected structure can be selected.

  • The operation system of the machine tool adopts ergonomics principles, which is convenient to operate;

  • It adopts an advanced centralized lubrication device and has stable and reliable operation;

  • The machine tool is equipped with a branded CNC system, and a CNC control system can be optional, with complete functions, easy operation, and stable and reliable accuracy.

  • It adopts C3-grade machining center-grade ball screws;

  • Precision ball screw special bearings;

  • Imported precision ball screw locking nut;

  • 8000 rpm BT40 spindle;

  • Spray-painted semi-protected cover;

  • Domestic lubrication system, lighting system, cooling system;

  • Three-phase stainless steel protection;

  • All-resin sand castings, after multiple manual aging treatments.

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