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How to Transform High-quality CNC Turning Machine for Reuse?

1. Corrosion inspection of CNC turning machines: each horizontal and vertical guide rail surface, main shaft, main shaft flange, tailstock hollow sleeve.

2. Anti-rust measures must be taken for the exposed non-painted surfaces of CNC turning machines. For example, after cleaning, use grease to carry out anti-rust inspection: shovel scraping surfaces, screw rods and bearings must be cleaned before assembly, and no red marks should be left. Powder, iron filings and other dirty substances; there is no dust or dirt on the inside of the electric box and the inside of the protective cover.

3. Leakage inspection of CNC turning machines: The main shaft bearings and gears of the lathe transformation must be kept lubricated, the axial screw and bearings of the lathe transformation and new lathe transformation must be lubricated, there must be a cooling device, in addition, there should be no leakage at the joints, oil, water tank, etc. in the above lubrication and cooling.

4. Noise, temperature rise, rotational speed and idling test of CNC turning machine:

①Spindle runs idly for 4 minutes at various speeds, and the running time at the highest speed is not less than 2 hours. The dry running time of the whole machine is ≥ 16h, and the simulated dry running test is carried out for circular turning of arcs, threads, external circles, and end faces.

②After the main shaft bearing temperature is stable, measure the bearing temperature and temperature rise. Rolling bearing: temperature≤70℃, temperature rise≤40℃; sliding bearing: temperature≤60℃, temperature rise≤30℃.

③ The noise and sound pressure level of CNC turning machine should be ≤83dB(A) under the condition of no-load operation, and whether the machine tool has abnormal screaming or impact sound. The feeding movement in each axis direction should be smooth, without obvious vibration, chatter and crawling.

④ The continuous idle running test of the CNC lathe has no faults, reliable and stable operation within the specified continuous idle running time.

5. Transformation of user replacement parts (including maintenance of CNC lathe parts): Due to the large number of transformation projects for replacement parts of lathes, the main ones are to replace the spindle bearing, axial screw, axial motor, axial bearing and system.

①Replace the spindle bearing: Since the replacement of the spindle bearing is to ensure the accuracy of the machining of the outer circle and the end face, it is necessary to check the noise of the spindle first after the replacement of the bearing. Under the condition that there is no abnormality, the sound pressure level of the noise of the whole machine shall not exceed 83dB (A), and then carry out the machining accuracy inspection, and inspect the surface roughness of the machined workpiece.

②Replacing the axial screw inspection: Check the accuracy of each position to ensure that within the specified range, the running machine can run to the axial direction without abnormal impact sound and noise. Replacing the axial motor: Since other items have not been modified, the inspection is only carried out on the noise of the running machine, and there is no abnormal impact sound and noise in the axial operation. Check its axial backlash to prevent the backlash from not meeting the requirements due to assembly during assembly.

③ Replace the axial bearing: For the replacement of the axial bearing, it is necessary to ensure that the axial reverse difference meets the requirements, and check that there is no abnormal noise.

④ Replacement system inspection: If the system is replaced, only the function of the system is checked, whether there is an alarm in the system, and at the same time, whether the test thread is normal (for CNC turning machine with encoders).

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