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Processing Steps of Stainless Steel Turning Parts

Today, we will summarize the processing steps of stainless steel turning parts.

Precautions before processing stainless steel turning parts

  • Before working, strict protective equipment should be worn according to regulations. Sleeves should be tied up, scarfs should not be wrapped, gloves should not be worn, and women's hair should be tied up in their caps. Operators must stand on the foot pedal.

  • It is necessary to check the bolts, trip limit, signals, safety protection (insurance) devices, mechanical transmission parts, electrical parts, and various lubrication points, and confirm their reliability before starting any operation.

  • Safety voltage must be used for all machine tool lighting, and the voltage should not exceed 36 volts.

During the processing of stainless steel turning parts

  • The workpiece, tool, and clamping device must be firmly secured. Before working on all types of machine tools, low-speed idling should be performed first. After everything is normal, formal operation can be carried out.

  • Do not place tools or other objects on the track or workbench of the machine tool. Do not use your hands to clear iron filings. Use special tools to clean them.

  • Before starting the machine, observe the surrounding dynamic. After the machine starts, stand in a safe position to avoid the moving parts of the machine tool and the splattering of iron filings.

  • During the operation of various types of machine tools, do not adjust the gear and trip mechanisms, do not touch the transmission parts, workpieces, tools, etc. in the working surface during processing, and do not measure any sizes during operation. It is prohibited to pass or take tools or other items across the transmission parts of the machine tool.

  • If an abnormal sound is found, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. It is prohibited to run the machine when it is overloaded.

  • During the processing, each component should strictly follow the process discipline, read and understand the drawings, and familiarize themselves with the control points, roughness, technical requirements of related parts, and determine the processing steps of the parts.

  • When adjusting the machine tool speed, trip, clamping workpiece and tool, and wiping the machine tool, the machine must be stopped. Do not leave the work position when the machine tool is in operation. When leaving due to special reasons, the machine must be stopped and the power must be cut off.

Precautions after the operation of processing stainless steel turning parts

  • The raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products, and waste materials to be processed must be stacked in designated locations, and all kinds of tools and knives must be kept intact and in good condition.

  • After the operation, the power must be cut off, the tool must be removed, the handles should be placed in neutral, and the power distribution box should be locked.

  • The equipment must be cleaned, the iron filings should be cleaned, the guide rails should be lubricated to prevent rusting.

The processing rules of stainless steel turning parts are one of the technical documents that specify the machining process and operating methods of parts. It is a tech document that is written in a predetermined form for specific production conditions, which includes a more reasonable process and operational methods. After it has been approved and signed, it will be used to guide production.

The processing rules of stainless steel turning parts generally include the following contents: the process route of the workpiece, the specific content and equipment of each process, inspection items and inspection methods of the workpiece, cutting amount, and time quotas.

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