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CNC Milling Electromechanical Products

This is the Professional cnc prototype machining parts recently produced by us.

It meets the requirements of ISO9001:2008.

Specification: 78mm*36mm

Raw material: AL6061-T6

Surface Treatment: clear anodizing

Finish: anodizing


Specifications of CNC Milling Electromechanical Products


Broaching, Drilling, Etching / Chemical Machining, Laser Machining, Milling, Other Machining Services, Rapid Prototyping, Turning, Wire EDM

Material Capabilities:

Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals, Precious Metals, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys, plastic

Micro Machining or Not:

Micro Machining

Model Number:






Main Process:

Aluminum CNC milling

Surface treatment:

Clear anodizing



Supply Ability

1,000,000 Pieces per Month

DF has a CNC turning center and manual turning equipment for different purposes. With the help of CAD and 3D programming, CNC turning has the advantages of high precision, stable quality, and small tolerance. It is an effective method to generate complex shapes and inner hole parts.

  •  Bar-stock with diameter 13” * 22” accepted

  •  Tight tolerance ( etc : +/-0.005mm) available

Our advantages:

1. FLEXIBILITY It is easy to change the shape and size with just reprogramming and our expertise in secondary operation on precision parts.

2. STABILIZATION The quality is stable and the repeat accuracy is high during processing.

3. EFFICIENCY It can perfectly handle low-volume and high mixed parts production due to the lower cutting time.

4. APPLICABILITY It is able to process specialty metals, complex surfaces, immeasurable positions.

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