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Why is the Custom Machining Market Dominated by CNC Machining?

Ⅰ. Custom CNC machining service

The custom machining market is dominated by CNC machining machines. The main reason behind this is the versatility and repeatability of CNC machine tools.

Traditional machines require manual controllers, which are prone to small errors. However, custom CNC machining service can accurately control the movement of the tool post and minimize the chance of error.

CNC machining of metal parts is used to manufacture complex shapes. These shapes have the ability to withstand high stresses without failure. Compared with traditional machining technology, CNC machining has several significant advantages.

Ⅱ. Advantages of CNC machining metal parts

1. High precision: CNC machining has extremely high precision, which can almost eliminate human error.

2. High durability: CNC machining can easily work for 24 hours without interruption. Their operations only need to be stopped when maintenance is required.

3. Repeatability and scalability: CNC machining metal parts has extremely high repeatability. All batches have exactly the same size without any errors. Likewise, the size of the part can be easily changed without any errors.

4. High ability: Any complicated shape can be made, and CNC machine tools can be used easily. Use fewer workers.

5. Lower cost: Although the basic cost of CNC machining machines is high, their overall cost is low.

6. High safety: cnc is very safe when processing metal parts, because they operate in a very safe environment.

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