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What Are the Advantages of Welding Fixtures and Custom Tooling Fixtures to Consider?

The welding fixture is a kind of tooling equipment that accurately positions and reliably clamps the welding, facilitates the assembly and welding of the weldment, and ensures the structural accuracy of the weldment. Small and medium-sized enterprises actively use welding fixtures suitable for product structure in welding production, which plays a very important role in improving product quality, reducing labor intensity of workers, and accelerating welding production to achieve automation.

In the welding process, the welding production requires less man-hours, and more than two-thirds of the total processing man-hours is used for material preparation, assembly and other auxiliary work, which greatly affects the welding production progress. Through the use of welding fixtures, the company not only effectively improves the welding quality of the workpiece, but also increases the production capacity, and the company's image is recognized by customers.

Let us tell you the advantages of welding fixtures and what factors need to be considered in custom fixtures, hoping to help you.

Ⅰ. The core advantages of welding fixtures are reflected in the following five aspects

1. The accurate and reliable positioning and clamping of the welding foolproofing jig fixture can reduce or even cancel the blanking and marking work. At the same time, the dimensional deviation of products is reduced, and the accuracy and replaceability of parts and components are improved.

2. The use of welding fixtures can effectively prevent and reduce welding deformation.

3. The welding fixture makes the workpiece in the best welding position, the formability of the welding seam is good, the process defects are obviously reduced, and the welding speed is improved.

4. The welding fixture replaces the heavy manual work of positioning, clamping and turning the workpiece during the traditional manual assembly of parts in the form of a mechanical device, which improves the labor intensity of workers.

5. Welding fixtures can expand the use of advanced production processes and promote the comprehensive development of welding structures to production mechanization and automation.

Ⅱ. What factors need to be considered in the custom design of welding fixtures?

1. The cnc machine parts suppliers welding fixtures should have sufficient strength and stiffness: Welding fixtures are subject to various forces when they are put into use in production, so welding fixtures should have sufficient strength and stiffness.

2. Reliability of welding fixture clamping: The positioning position of the workpiece cannot be damaged during clamping, and the shape and size of the product can be guaranteed to meet the requirements of the drawing. It can neither allow the workpiece to loosen and slide, nor make the workpiece restraint too large to generate a large restraint force.

3. Flexibility of welding operation of welding fixture: The use of welding fixture production should ensure enough space for welding, so that technical operators have a good vision and operating environment, so that the whole process of welding production is in a stable working state.

4. The welding fixture is convenient for the loading and unloading of the weldment: during operation, it should be considered that the product can be smoothly taken out from the welding fixture after assembling tack welding or welding, and the product should not be damaged when it is turned over or lifted.

5. The welding fixture should have good manufacturability: the custom cnc aluminum parts designed welding fixture should be easy to manufacture, install and operate, and to facilitate inspection, maintenance and replacement of vulnerable parts. In the design, many factors such as the existing clamping power source, hoisting capacity and installation site of the workshop should also be considered to reduce the manufacturing cost of the welding fixture.

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