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Five Tips of Large CNC Machining

Ⅰ. Programming skills for large CNC machining

1. The processing sequence of the parts;

2. Choose a reasonable speed, feed and depth of cut according to the hardness of the material.

Ⅱ. Direct tool setting skills for large CNC machining

Select the center of the right end face of the part as the tool setting point and set it as the zero point. After the machine tool returns to the origin, each tool that needs to be used will be set to the center of the right end face of the part as the zero point. In this tool setting method, even if the machine is powered off, the tool setting value will not be changed after restarting. During this time, the large CNC lathe does not need to be recalibrated.

Ⅲ. Debugging skills for large CNC machining

After the programming of large CNC machining and the adjustment of the tool setting are completed, in order to prevent errors and tool setting errors in the program from causing machine collision accidents, the lathe will be first simulated with empty strokes to debug the lathe. Then start the simulation processing. After the first part is processed, the self-check is performed first, and the debugging is completed after confirming that it is qualified.

Ⅳ. The processing skills of large CNC machining

1. Rough machining first, remove excess material from the workpiece, and then finish machining.

2. Vibration should be avoided in CNC machined products.

3. Avoid thermal denaturation during workpiece processing.

Ⅴ. Anti-collision techniques for large CNC machining

1. Confirm that the diameter and length of the tool are input correctly.

2. Confirm that the size of the workpiece and other related geometric dimensions are input correctly.

3. Confirm that the initial position of the workpiece is positioned correctly.

4. Confirm that the workpiece coordinate system of the CNC lathe is set correctly.

5. Confirm that the CNC machined products have not been reset during processing.

6. Confirm that the sequence of retracting the CNC axis is correct.

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