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The Content and Steps of NC Lathe Programming and the Calculation Method of Base Point Coordinates

Ⅰ. The content and steps of CNC lathe programming

1. The main content of CNC lathe programming

Analyze part drawings, determine the machining process, perform mathematical processing, write program lists, make control media, perform program inspections, input programs, and test workpieces.

2. Steps of CNC lathe

1) Analyze the part pattern and process:

Analyze the geometry, size and technical requirements of the parts according to the drawings, clarify the content and requirements of the processing, decide the processing plan, determine the processing sequence, design the fixture, select the cnc lathe cutting tools, determine the reasonable tool path and select the reasonable cutting amount, etc.; At the same time, the function of the CNC system and the ability of the CNC lathe itself should be exerted, the corresponding point and cutting method should be correctly selected, and the auxiliary time such as tool change and indexing should be minimized.

2) Mathematical processing:

Before programming, a workpiece coordinate system is first established according to the geometric characteristics of the part. The function of the CNC system is to formulate the processing route according to the requirements of the part drawing. On the established workpiece coordinate system, the motion trajectory of the tool is first calculated. For parts with relatively simple shapes (such as parts composed of straight lines and arcs), it is only necessary to calculate the coordinates of the starting point, end point, arc center, intersection or tangent point of geometric elements.

3) Write part program list:

After the processing route and process parameters are determined, the part program list is written according to the specified code and block format specified by the CNC system.

4) Program input.

5) Program verification and first piece trial cutting.

Ⅱ. Calculation method of base point coordinates of CNC lathe

General CNC lathes such as the aluminum cnc lathe only have linear and circular interpolation functions. For the plane contour composed of straight lines and circular arcs, the main task of numerical calculation during programming is to find the coordinates of each base point.

1. The meaning of the base point

The intersection or tangent point of different geometric element lines that make up the outline of the part is called the base point. The base point can be directly used as the start or end point of its motion trajectory.

2. Content directly calculated by CNC lathe

According to the requirements of filling in the processing program sheet, the content of the direct calculation of the base point includes: the coordinates of the starting point and the end point of each motion track in the selected coordinate system, and the center coordinate value of the arc motion track.

The method of direct calculation by cnc lathe machine parts of the base point is relatively simple, and it can generally be done manually according to the known conditions given by the part drawing. That is, according to the given size on the part drawing, the numerical value is directly calculated by using the relevant knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, geometry or analytical geometry. When calculating, pay attention to leave enough digits after the decimal point to ensure sufficient precision.

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