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One-stop Solution for CNC Machining

CNC refers to cutting material with a computer numerical control machine. The CNC machining process interprets your 3D CAD model and translates data to CNC machines. The main benefit of the process is that CNC will produce parts that can replace the additive manufactured prototypes with true production-grade materials.

Types of CNC Lathing Parts

CNC Lathing Parts


Precision CNC machining

If you are looking for the sharpest, cleanest, and most accurate CNC machining company, DF has the ability to complete cutting and delivery of your orders on time and budget. Our precision machining services are highly sought after in many industries because we require our CNC machinists to really understand their machine behavior - not just the electronic components, technical controls, and power buttons. By employing real professionals, not just standard workers, to operate our CNC machines, our customers can get the best precision parts they need and the repeatable precision they need. We provide a number of ultra-precision machining services, such as:

Three-axis and four-axis milling

Five-axis machining

Ultra-precision lathe

Wire cutting

Sinking / punch / insertion EDM

For customers seeking precision CNC machining, we recommend our 4-axis and 5-axis milling machine. Two of the most accurate machining options in today's industry, these precision machining methods give our machinists the most potential for close and accurate cutting. The five-axis milling service for Chinese mechanical parts has an impressive tolerance range that can be cut from 100 to 1 micron. Doesn't it sound accurate enough to meet the needs of your company? Our state-of-the-art, specially calibrated 5-axis machine tools have tolerance ranges subdivided into thousandths of an inch, leading to today's most stringent precision machining capabilities:

  • 1 Micron: .000039”

  • 100 Microns: .003937”


 Wire cutting precision machining

Whether your company is looking for customized tools and molds, cutting titanium products for space missions, or cutting steel tools for medical facilities, DF is your best choice for WEDM precision machining in the central and western regions. Precision WEDM has good position accuracy, and can accurately measure the cutting distance to ½ a micron (0.00002”). According to the different wire diameters of different customer orders, we can choose the appropriate size of wire for your products, including:

1. .001” (.0254mm) Diameter Wire

2. .002” (.0508mm) Diameter Wire

3. .006” (.1524mm) Diameter Wire

4. .0015” (.0381mm) Diameter Wire


Although our. 006 "diameter wire cutting is the most common requirement for our customers, you can still receive good corner radius control with our. 0015" diameter wire. Although it's very convenient to provide you and your company with the. 001 'wire function, we have to remind you that it's very expensive, and usually, 99% of the orders don't need it. If you are looking for other CNC precision machining services, such as our rotary axial precision wire cutting work, they are also available for you to consider.


Large Part Machining Services

1. Parts up to 180″ x 90″ (CNC Controlled)

2. Parts up to 336″ x 110″ (Manual Drive)

3. Up to 30,000 lbs Lifting Capacity

4. Inspection, Testing & Documentation

5. Lifting capacity up to 30000 lbs

Since 2008, standard machine tools have been in a leading position in customized precision machining. We provide prototype and production: milling, boring, drilling, tape, and customer-supplied materials or we can provide complete grinding. We use a range of CNC and manual machines to process ferrous and non-ferrous weldments, castings, forgings, and plates.


Our strengths

1. Quick reply: DF will reply immediately after receiving your inquiry.

2. Low price: DF can offer the lowest price of the same quality.

3. Complex parts: DF is good at machining complex surface parts.

4. Perfect quality: DF will strictly control the quality of machining and finishing, what you get is what you design.

5. Accurate delivery: DF will complete the parts in time to provide the most powerful support for your R & D project.

6. Rich experience: DF has more than 10 years of professional processing and rapid prototyping experience, to provide you with the most professional and effective advice

7. Professional team: DF has an efficient and honest technical service team, let you enjoy 24-hour professional service

8. Well equipped: DF provides a complete supply chain, the whole process, one-stop solution.

5. Material selection plays a key role in determining the overall quality and function of parts, as well as the duration and cost of the production process.

  • Metal

When selecting the type of metal for a project, three main factors should be considered when evaluating pricing and duration:

1. Metal type – the key factor determining the total cost of parts, because the price gap between different metals may reach hundreds%.

2. Part size and geometry - determining the amount of metal required to produce the part, part size, and geometry are key factors in determining the cost.

3. Hardness grade - soft metals are easier to process than hard metals, reducing processing time and cost.

  • Plastic

Unless the design requires higher stiffness, plastic materials can be a cheap alternative to metal. When considering the use of plastic materials, it is important to consider that it may be difficult to comply with strict tolerances, which may cause the warping of parts.


Engineering services and support

With our factory's complete CNC machining center, we can provide a single-source solution for high-precision metal parts manufacturing.

From design for manufacturing (DFM) to real-time analysis and support, our work protocol covers every stage of the manufacturing process; Ensure the perfect results match the perfect customer specifications.

1. Design for manufacturing (DFM)

Before manufacturing, we ensure that all production drawings are fully suitable for mass production, so as to facilitate the manufacturing process, thereby reducing costs and avoiding potential problems.

2. Prototype design

By providing our customers with fast and cost-effective prototypes, we enable them to examine new ideas, products, or designs before they enter mass production or meet the urgent need for samples.

3. Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering makes it possible to regenerate lost drawings for manufacturing or product improvement. This process involves dismantling the product and checking its structure and function.

4. Mechanical assembly

We specialize in high-precision mechanical assembly. With the meticulous quality assurance in our factory, we can guarantee consistent homogeneous products to achieve the highest standard.

5. Inspection and analysis

From the initial inspection to the final inspection, and at every stage in the process, we conduct continuous inspection and analysis to mitigate damage and ensure compliance.

6. Testing and reporting

Each batch of products is attached with all required certificates and reports, including factory test report (MTR), coordinate measuring machine (CMM) report, trader Certificate (COT) report, and measurement certificate.

7. Support

We provide excellent professional support to our customers throughout and after the project to ensure their satisfaction and enable them to meet the changing needs of the organization.


Quality Control

According to mature and strict quality assurance methods, DF uses advanced testing equipment to provide customers around the world with highly complex components for various key applications.

All quality inspection processes of data are carried out by experienced engineers according to international ISO 9002 and ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Our quality inspection process covers every stage of the production line, which is very comprehensive and detailed

Step 1 – design for manufacturing (DFM) - This facilitates the manufacturing process to reduce manufacturing costs and avoid potential problems.

Step 2 - raw material inspection and analysis - all incoming materials are thoroughly inspected before manufacturing to identify defects.

Step 3 - first article inspection (FAI) - a preliminary inspection by the customer and ourselves to ensure that the process will produce the desired results.

Step 4 - process inspection - real-time and continuous production line evaluation.

Step 5 - final inspection - testing performed at the final stage of production to eliminate any damage or defects. Every finished product should be inspected visually.

To ensure product safety and avoid damage, our packaging department packages each product separately in a special protective cover. All products are then packaged in custom wooden cases to provide final protection during transportation.


DF can also provide CNC turning produces parts by "turning" the rod material and feeding the tool into the turning material. On a lathe, when a tool is fed into a rotating workpiece, the material being cut rotates. The tool can be fed at various angles and various tool shapes can be used.

  • Know our machines

1. Okuma double spindle lathe

2. Mazak single shaft fast lathe

  • Meet our ability

1. Tolerance: Roundness and concentricity accuracy can be reached to +/-0.005mm

2. Surface roughness can be reached to Ra0.4

3. Size range: Diameter of raw material round bars from 1mm to 300mm

4. Material: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel, Titanium, brass, etc

5. OEM/ODM are welcomed

6. Samples are available before mass production

Additional services: CNC machining, CNC milling, metal stamping, sheet metal, surface treatment, materials, etc. Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your CNC turning project.


As a customized CNC parts manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, we can design and manufacture complex parts end-to-end with multiple tools in one unit. We also run a comprehensive jigging system around the fourth axis to process multiple parts along multiple planes in one setup.

Benefits of CNC machining service

1. Material: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel, Titanium, brass, copper, fiberglass, plastic, etc

2. Finishes: Anodized, Polished, Sand Blast, Powder-coated, Electroplated, Nitriding, etc

3. Equipment: 3 axis CNC machine, 4 axis CNC machined, Common machines, drilling machine, CNC engraving machine, laser engraving machines, etc

4. Tight tolerance:0.005-0.01mm

5. Roughness value: less than Ra0.2

Additional services: CNC milling, CNC turning, metal stamping, sheet metal, surface treatment, materials, etc. Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your NC machining project.


DF has a professional processing plant of 2000 square meters providing comprehensive and high-quality CNC milling services. CNC milling parts is the most commonly used processing technology. It is the process of removing material from the workpiece by using a rotating tool. CNC milling machines are usually classified according to the number of shafts they have. The axes that move horizontally are called X and y. The axis of vertical movement is called Z. A common milling machine usually has x, y, Z three-axis, in order to meet the production requirements of some complex parts, there are 4 axes, 5 axes.

DF is a professional CNC milling parts factory. We specialize in the production of aluminum, steel, and titanium, as well as nickel, magnesium, and other exotic alloys. We also have the ability to manufacture a variety of raw material types, including bars, castings, forgings, and plates. Secondary services include assembly, welding (fusion/resistance), manufacturing, epoxy coating, cleaning, thermoforming, and EDM. We offer fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle testing and have multiple coordinate measuring machines for detailed inspection.

DF has won the reputation of manufacturing the highest quality customized parts for our customers and is committed to providing customized solutions for every customer's application. Call today to see what we can do for you.

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