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One-stop Solution for CNC Machining

DF has an advanced CNC machining center, carving drilling machine, turning and milling machine, wire cutting, and other equipment. With these machines and experienced staff, we can repeat the positioning accuracy within the tolerance of 0.005mm, providing a strong guarantee for precision parts. We strive to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of the product manufacturing process and recognize our great responsibility to customers, employees, suppliers, and society. 

Types of CNC Milling Parts

CNC Milling Parts Applications


  • Engine: cylinder heads, turbochargers, connecting rods, crankshafts, pistons, bearing caps.

  • Front suspension: steering knuckles, CV joints, brake calipers, brake discs.

  • Real differential: differential housings, gears, axle shafts.


  • Oil and Gas: drill pipes and casing, pipe control valves, wellhead equipment, mud pumps, frac pumps, frac tools.

  • Power Generation: rotor shafts and discs, casing, impellers, generator shafts, blades, and blade roots


  • Smartphones, laptop computers, monitors, large flat panel displays(sports and music events), semiconductors, vacuum chambers, desktop computers.

Benefits and Working Principle of CNC Milling

Compared with the general milling machine, DF's CNC Machine Center has two prominent features in the structure. One is the linkage of coordinates, that is, it can coordinate actions in multiple coordinate directions at the same time, and maintain the predetermined mutual relationship, so as to control the tool to move along the set line, arc or space line, arc trajectory. CNC milling machine can realize two-axis, three-axis, four-axis, or five-axis linkage. The second is the spindle control. The start and stop of the spindle, forward and reverse rotation, spindle speed change, etc. can be automatically executed according to the program. In general, our machine has the following advantages:

  • It can process parts with complex shapes and sizes, such as mold parts;

  • It can process the parts that need to be processed in multiple processes after one clamping and positioning;

  • It has higher machining accuracy and can guarantee stable and reliable quality;

  • It has higher production automation which can improve production efficiency.

CNC Milling Parts Details

Compared with other manufacturing processes, CNC milling has several advantages. It is cost-effective for short-term operation. Complex shapes and high dimensional tolerances are possible. Smooth surface treatment can be achieved. NC milling can produce almost any 2D or 3D shape as long as the rotating tool can reach the material to be removed. Examples of parts include engine components, molds, complex mechanisms, housings, etc.

  • Know our machines

1. Okuma MA-40HA Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC)

2. Fadal 4020 Vertical Machining Centers (VMC)

3. Okuman Genos M460-VE VMC equipped with chip removal systems and automatic tool changers

  • Meet our ability

1. Shapes: As your required

2. Size range: 2-1000mm diameter

3. Material: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass, etc

4. Tolerance: +/-0.005mm

5. OEM/ODM are welcomed.

6. Samples are available before mass production

Additional services: CNC machining, CNC turning, metal stamping, sheet metal, surface treatment, materials, etc. Please contact us today to see how we can help you with your NC milling project.

Our CNC Milling Services

  • Every drawing is checked and programmed by our engineers. We accept 2D drawings in PDF or DWG, DXF, 3D STP, and IGS formats.

  • Use ERP system to manage drawings and production, high efficiency, avoid mistakes.

  • Each material is carefully selected from the supplier. DF uses a material analyzer to test materials.

  • Each size is repeated. DF controls the dimensions within the tolerances provided on the drawings. Provide sample quality inspection reports for customers.

  • Each order is delivered at the specified time. DF accepts the transportation mode required by customers.

  • DF's processing services are based on quality. Its goal is to provide customers with reassurance and satisfaction 

As the finishing process will affect the surface finish (thus affecting the part size), we do not recommend the application of secondary finishing on high tolerance parts, because the finishing process may remove or add enough materials to make the finished parts exceed the dimensional tolerance. DF provides the following secondary processing for your machining and sheet metal processing parts.

  • Chemical film coating: also known as chemical conversion coating, chromate coating or zinc coating, aluminum or nickel coating. The surface produced by this process has corrosion resistance, durability, and stable conductivity.

  • Anodizing: anodizing is an electrochemical process that transforms aluminum (usually aluminum) into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant anodized surface.

  • Powder coatings: textured powder coatings (spandex polyester and textured polyester) will cover tool marks without additional surface treatment.

  • Texture finish: deburring and scraping parts with a brush/sander to create a specific texture. It is ideal for parts where a uniform nude finish is necessary, but powder coating is not ideal.

Due to the geometric shape, grain size finishing can only be applied to the outer surface of parts processed by numerical control and sheet metal, but not to the inner surface of parts.

Non-textured coatings (smooth polyester, smooth epoxy, and smooth polyester epoxy) will not cover tool marks by themselves. Therefore, an additional finishing operation, such as grain size finishing, needs to be performed.

  • Number printing: This is  Ideal for branding (such as your logo), label connectors and switches, and decorative purposes (silkscreen can also be used as an alternative to digital printing).

  • Machining engraving: This is a permanent form of marking, very suitable for labeling, branding, or schematic. Also known as etching, machining, engraving can be done with powder coating, paint, particle finishing, anodizing and chemical film chromate coating, depending on the material.

With complete equipment and excellent hardware, we provide the best CNC turning service for customers at home and abroad. We are honored to provide you with our CNC lathe processing services, we are ready to provide you with precision CNC turning parts, will meet and exceed your requirements. Our state-of-the-art CNC turning equipment has high tolerances and smooth surfaces.

Our CNC turning services are capable of turning parts measuring up to 25 inches in length, meeting ultra-tight tolerances of ± 0.0002”. We can process all kinds of materials, including various types of steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, as well as plastics, such as nylon, acetal, polytetrafluoroethylene, and glass fiber. All these materials are RoHS and material reports are available upon request. Our machines range from castings, bars, plates, etc. We can work in standard or metric sizes according to your needs.

DF has the ability to handle all the unique manufacturing needs of customers, from low volume to high volume production and prototyping, to provide the first-class CNC turning services for the creation of highly complex products. Please contact us immediately for more information.

Titanium Alloy Parts

If you have titanium parts in the process, we are one of the most capable and affordable sources. Let’s first talk about the following 3 questions:

What are the advantages of titanium?

Which titanium is more popular?

What are the main uses of titanium?

Titanium is new metal. It has many remarkable advantages over other metals.

  • High strength: Titanium alloy density is generally 4.51g / cubic centimeter, only 60% of steel, pure titanium density is close to the density of ordinary steel, so titanium alloy specific strength is much larger than other metals.

  • High heat strength: Titanium alloy operating temperature can be up to 500 ℃, while aluminum alloy has to at 200 ℃.

  • Good corrosion resistance: Titanium has good corrosion resistance to alkali, acid, salt, etc.

  • Good Low-temperature performance: Titanium can still maintain its mechanical properties at low temperature and ultra-low temperature.

  • Some of the most popular titanium alloys are as follows: Gr1-4, GR5, GR9, etc.

Titanium is often used in aircraft, automobiles and motorcycles, chemical equipment, medical equipment, mountaineering equipment, etc.

We provide the following CNC machining services:

Automobile special tools, CNC bicycle parts, automobile / Automobile / vehicle / auto parts, motorcycle, pneumatic, electronic / electrical / electrical parts

Bathroom hardware, air-activated tool parts

CNC medical accessories, CNC medical, medical device accessories

Electronic/electrical products

Optical products, optical parts

Machining parts, CNC turning parts, hardware parts, CNC machining parts, CNC precision machining parts, precision machining parts, etc.

Precision Machining Services Characteristics:

We have excellent manufacturing technology and a stable turning center to process complex and precise parts.

Our vertex size measuring instrument allows multiple and repeated testing of stability.

We have a "magnetic deburring and polishing machine" to make the surface of products smooth without an acute angle.

We have a staff training program to improve the professional knowledge of our staff.

Electronic Machine Parts, CNC Electronic Parts:

RF connector, mini UHF plug crimp type, TNC plug to plug adaptor, crimp/solder type, SMB connector, video connector, 75Ω plug, fogging nozzle, and so on.

Machining Ability for Tolerance of CNC Electronic (Electric) Parts:≧0.005 mm

Material Using: AL6061-T6, AL7075-T6, 1144, pure nickel, pure iron, SCM 415, SCM440, 12L14, C3604, C6802, C5191, C3602, C3603, C3601, SAE-660 (660BRZ), C1020 ,C1100, POM, SUS 303, SUS304, SUS416, SUS430F, SUS 630

CNC Milling

DF has 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling centers and manual milling equipment, with quick tool change and advanced software. In addition, we have multiple tool groups based on efficient tool processing of plastics and metals. Through three-dimensional graphics input and programming, NC milling has high precision, stable quality, and small tolerance. It is usually used for precision parts processing from small parts to large parts.

Our advantages:

  • It can perfectly handle small batch and high mixed parts production with manually fixed blank.

  • It is suitable for different objects, just changing tools and reprogramming.

  • Three. The precision of the final product is high, which is not affected by the complexity of the parts and realizes the precision tolerance.


CNC Turning

DF has a CNC turning center and manual turning equipment for different purposes. With the help of CAD and 3D programming, CNC turning has the advantages of high precision, stable quality, and small tolerance. It is an effective method to generate complex shapes and inner hole parts.

√ Bar-stock with diameter 13" * 22" accepted

√ Tight tolerance ( etc : +/-0.005mm) available

Our advantages:

  • FLEXIBILITY It is easy to change the shape and size with just reprogramming and our expertise secondary operation on precision parts.

  • STABILIZATION The quality is stable and the repeat accuracy is high during processing.

  • EFFICIENCY It can perfectly handle low-volume and high mixed parts production due to the lower cutting time.

  • APPLICABILITY It is able to process specialty metals, complex surfaces, immeasurable positions.


Anodizing on aluminum is frequently used in different applications. Anodizing is a great surface treatment, which is good for tight tolerance parts. And help to resist corrosion and increase surface hardness.

The perfect of anodizing is that you can choose different colors for a variety of visual requests.



Painting significant resistance to varieties of environmental concerns, which is an important form in the visual arts. a great painting work that makes your products in high level. The most interesting things are that you can choose any color that you prefer or tell us Pantone code.


Etching & Printing

There are many ways to provide custom printing and etching text and logo on your parts.

If you want to make the most precise and permanent marks, we suggest using etching & silkscreen.

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