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Selection and Installation Principles of CNC Lathes and Selection of Machining Centers

CNC lathe selection and installation principles


Determine the process requirements of typical parts, the batch of processed workpieces, and the functions that the CNC lathe should have are the prerequisite for good preparation and reasonable selection of CNC lathe to meet the process requirements of typical parts.

The process requirements of typical parts are mainly the structural size of the parts, processing range and precision requirements. According to the requirements of precision, namely, the requirements of dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece to choose the control accuracy of CNC lathe.

Select according to reliability, which is the guarantee of improving product quality and production efficiency. The reliability of CNC lathe refers to the long time stable operation without failure when the machine tool performs its function under the specified conditions. That is, the average trouble-free time is long, and even if there is a failure, it can be recovered in a short time and put back into use. Choose a reasonable structure, well-manufactured, and has been mass production of machine tools. In general, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.

2.Machine tool accessories and tool selection

Machine random accessories, spare parts and their supply capacity, tools, CNC lathes have been put into production, turning centers is very important. Selection of machine tools, need to carefully consider the matching tool and accessories.

3. Pay attention to the same control system

Manufacturers generally choose the same manufacturer's products, or at least should purchase the same manufacturer's control system, which brings great convenience to the maintenance work.

How should the CNC lathe machining center be selected?

1.The size of the main specifications of the machining center should be compatible with the contour size of the workpiece. That is, small workpieces should choose small-size CNC lathe processing, while large workpieces should choose large-size CNC lathe processing to achieve reasonable use of equipment.

2.The structure of the machining center depends on the size of the machine specifications, the weight of the processing workpiece and other factors. The following table lists the most common important specifications and performance indicators of CNC equipment.

3.The working accuracy of the machining center and the process requirements of the processing accuracy. According to the processing accuracy requirements of the parts, choose the CNC lathe, such as the rough machining process with low accuracy requirements, should choose the CNC lathe with low accuracy, and the finishing process with high accuracy requirements, should choose the CNC lathe with high accuracy.

4.The power and stiffness of the CNC lathe and the motorized range should be compatible with the nature of the process and the most suitable cutting amount. If the rough machining process removes a large amount of blank margin and the cutting margin is chosen to be large, the CNC lathe is required to have large power and better rigidity.

5.Convenient clamping and simple fixture structure is also a factor to be considered when choosing CNC equipment. Choose to use horizontal CNC lathe, or choose vertical CNC lathe, will directly affect the structure of the selected fixture and processing coordinate system, directly related to the degree of difficulty of CNC programming and the reliability of CNC machining.

It should be focused on that the functions of CNC equipment should be fully utilized in the selection of CNC lathe, and reasonable development should be made according to the needs in order to expand the functions of CNC lathe and meet the needs of the products. Then, according to the selected CNC lathe, further optimize the CNC machining program and process route, and adjust the content of the process appropriately according to the need.

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