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Manufacturing the Food Production Components

Farmbot is the world's first open-source CNC small agricultural machine, which enables individuals to use laptops, tablets, or mobile phones to create and manage gardens. By using open source technology, home gardeners can assemble software and hardware to monitor the automatic planting, watering, and monitoring of crops.

"Farmbot is helping consumers produce and grow their own food," says founder Rory Aronson. "It's not just about knowing where your food comes from. With our open source technology, anyone who wants to contribute to us and help us build the future of agriculture will have this opportunity."

Launched in 2016, Farmbot aims to bring its initial products and Farmbot Genesis technology directly to DIY manufacturers and manufacturers. With a round of crowdfunding support from aspiring micro farmers, the company became active, and more and more farm robots began to be delivered to excited customers.

DF's manufacturing grants and product development experts help Farmbot transition from 3D printing components to more repeatable and cost-effective injection molded parts. This leads to a more efficient supply chain, which enables Farmbot to respond quickly to demand in its growing customer base.

"We are very satisfied with the parts. In fact, we've learned more about injection molding and how to design parts for this process to make the most of our time and investment, "Aronson explained. Working with DF's design experts, as well as with DF's manufacturability feedback design, is crucial for us to expand our production scale."

With the innovation pace of Farmbot, there is no room for spare parts inventory. The company needs to produce on-demand, only the parts they need when they need them. The manufacturing and supply chain flexibility provided by DF’s will ensure that Farmbot continues to innovate and develop its components as the team plans for key growth areas.

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