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Basic Requirements for the Design of Welding Jig and Fixture

Ⅰ. Basic requirements for designing the welding jig and fixture

1. Meet the process requirements

The design of the fixture is to meet the process requirements, easy to use, and labor-saving. It should be able to improve labor conditions, save labor, and have the characteristics of generalization and serialization.

2. Meet the actual requirements of the site

The welding jig and fixture should be designed according to the actual conditions in combination with the actual conditions of the site.

3. Reasonable structure

The fixture design should be convenient for manufacturing, inspection, assembly, adjustment, repair, and daily maintenance. The fixture structure should be open, and the workers are easy to operate. The workpiece before welding is easy to put on the fixture, and the workpiece after welding should be easy to take out. This is particularly important for the fixture, and it is also an important condition for judging whether the fixture structure is reasonable.

4. Interchangeability

Some welding jig and fixtures need to be applied to several different types of products, which requires the fixtures to be replaceable and the replacement to be convenient. Besides, the fewer parts it is replaced, the better.

5. The clear pattern

When designing the fixture, it is necessary to ensure that the pattern is clear, each component unit must be correct, and the structure is unified and complete.

6. Calculation description

For important and special fixtures, there should be a design calculation book when designing to ensure the reliability of the designed fixtures.

Ⅱ. Standardization of welding jig and fixture design

1. Standardization of positioning structure

① Base (BASE)

There are two types of bases: flat and welded. Relatively speaking, the fixed area of the fixture is relatively large, so the welding type is used. The base is composed of base plate, channel steel, bottom plate, adjustable feet, etc., and its structure is standardized.

② Positioning unit

The whole welding jig and fixture is composed of several positioning units, so the positioning unit is the basic element of the fixture. The components of the positioning unit are: corner seat, connecting plate, cylinder, positioning block, pressing block, adjusting gasket, limit mechanism, etc. Start with a standardized design from the small components, then the entire fixture can be standardized.

2. The meaning of normalization

① Shorten the production preparation cycle of fixture manufacturing

Due to the use of standardized fixture components, there is no need to carry out many special designs, and the amount of drawing is also reduced, so that these standardized components form a parts library. The designer can directly call according to the actual requirements in the design process, which greatly simplifies the fixture design work. At the same time, the workshop can also reserve various commonly used standardized parts in advance according to the actual situation, which also shortens the processing time.

② Reduce the manufacturing cost of welding jig. In the product cost, the manufacturing cost accounts for a large proportion. If the fixtures are standardized, the factory can process them in batches, which can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost and also effectively increase it.

③ Reuse

Nowadays, the replacement of automobiles is quite fast, so the welding jig and fixture needs to be replaced accordingly, and the whole set of fixtures may be scrapped. If the fixture is standardized, when the automobile product is remodeled or replaced, the corresponding fixture will not be completely scrapped, and the standardized parts can be reused, which not only saves materials but also saves money.

④ Reduce assembly time

With standardized parts, the assemblers will be very skilled in the assembly work, and the probability of wrong assembly will be greatly reduced, which simplifies the assembly work.

⑤ Improve the design quality

With standardized components, standardized component designers can be called quickly, and they will focus on the main issues when designing, which can also improve the design quality invisibly.

The standardization of welding jig and fixture design is very important, which can greatly shorten the design cycle, and make the welding jig and fixture design scientific, so that the cost of personnel and equipment can be reduced,  thus enterprises can obtain considerable profits.

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