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Five Benefits of Using Welding Fixtures

1. The use of welding fixtures can increase the output of workpieces

After using the welding fixture, a lot of auxiliary work (such as scribing, aligning, measuring, point fixing, turning the workpiece, etc.) can be saved. Different weldments may require different auxiliary times. Proper use of welding assembly jig and fixture can generally reduce auxiliary hours by 50-90% and increase throughput.

With the adoption of high-efficiency welding methods, the proportion of auxiliary time is larger. This high-efficiency welding method will not show its superiority if the welding fixture and mold with a higher degree of mechanization and automation are not used accordingly.

2. The use of welding fixtures can improve the quality of the workpiece

A weldment is welded in a free state and generally deforms after welding. If it exceeds the technical requirements, it will affect the subsequent assembly work, or affect the future work performance of the product. Make full use of the welding fixture to accurately position and firmly clamp the weldment. Its deformation during welding is limited. If supplemented by anti-deformation measures, the weldment after welding can meet the shape and size required by the product drawing. Especially for those weldments that require high dimensional accuracy, the technical requirements cannot be met without the use of welding fixtures from a professional cnc parts supplier.

A large number of practices have proved that the welds in the flat welding position or the boat welding position are the easiest to weld. The welded seam is well formed, and the process defects (such as incomplete penetration, slag inclusion, pores and undercuts, etc.) are less. For the welding seam in the vertical welding position or the overhead welding position, the welding operation is inconvenient, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and the welding speed is more than two times lower than that of the flat welding position. If the welding positioner is used to adjust the welds of vertical or overhead welding to a position where welding is easy, the quality of the welds can be improved.

3. The use of welding fixtures can expand the working range of the automatic welding machine

A high-efficiency submerged arc automatic welding machine can only weld straight line welds in the flat welding position if there is no welding jig or mold to cooperate with it. If a set of roller runners is designed, it can weld girth welds on cylindrical weldments. The welding positioner can also adjust the fillet welds in various positions to the boat-shaped position, and the welding head welds it just like it is in the flat welding position. This expands the application range of automatic welding machines and gives full play to the potential of automatic welding machines.

4. The use of welding fixtures can improve working conditions

Manual assembly is labor-intensive, and it is impossible and unsafe to flip the workpiece manually during welding. The use of lightweight and flexible welding fixtures or welding molds with a high degree of automation to replace manual positioning, clamping, and turning the workpiece significantly improves the labor conditions of workers.

It is very difficult and labor-intensive to correct the deformed weldment after welding. If welding deformation is reduced or prevented by welding fixtures, it is possible to eliminate this laborious straightening process.

5. The use of welding fixture can be good economic benefits

Although the cnc machine electrical parts production of welding fixtures will increase the cost of the enterprise, the main factors that determine the cost of the product are: raw material consumption, labor consumption and equipment investment costs. Once the welding jig is in action, it can reduce the consumption of assembly and welding man-hours, thereby increasing the output.

The improvement of product quality can reduce or cancel the process of correcting deformation or repairing process defects after welding, so as to shorten the production cycle of the entire product; at the same time, the cost of the product is greatly reduced, which far offsets the little increase in investment due to the production of welding fixtures. cost.

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