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DF has been providing CNC machining parts, featuring 4 Axis CNC machining, 5 Axis CNC machining, CNC milling parts, and lathing parts. They are available in communication, furniture, electronic non-standard isolation, microwave and non-ferrous construction equipment, aerospace, military, consumer digital products, and other spare parts. We can offer custom CNC works and services that cover a wide range of OEM CNC machining and turning parts and products. We offer reliable precision CNC turning and machining work at an attractive price/cost, and also a plenty of high quality CNC parts for sale. Contact us and order CNC parts now!
CNC Machining Parts
CNC Machining Parts
CNC machining is a high-speed, high-precision manufacturing process. At DF, tolerances are controlled to DIN-2678-1 Fine for metals and Medium for plastics as standard.
CNC Milling Parts
CNC Milling Parts
DF Company focuses on Four-axis and Five-axis CNC machining, among which CNC milling and CNC lathing are the core technology of our company, and are highly praised by our customers.
CNC Lathing Parts
CNC Lathing Parts
CNC refers to cutting material with a computer numerical control machine. The CNC machining process interprets your 3D CAD model and translates data to CNC machines.
4 Axis CNC Machining Parts
4 Axis CNC Machining Parts
4-axis CNC machining parts is a more advanced and complex processing technology in the current CNC machining industry. DF has several years of experience in developing 4-axis CNC machining, and can complete customers' orders with high efficiency and quality.

Advantages of CNC Machining

  • Company Capability

    Company Capability

    With more than 1500 square meters of plant, we have about 100 employees, 80% of them are mechanics, 20% are engineers/supervisors. 

  • Material Available

    Material Available

    We can process materials such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, hardened metals, precious metals, stainless steel, steel alloys, and plastic.

  • General Products Application/Service Area

    General Products Application/Service Area

    Metal parts for vehicle, agriculture machine, construction machine, transportation equipment, valve and pump system, engine bracket, truck chassis bracket, gear housing, gear cover, shaft, spline shaft, pulley, flange, connection pipe, pipe, hydraulic valve, valve housing, flange, wheel, flywheel, oil pump housing, starter housing, coolant pump housing, transmission shaft, transmission gear, sprocket, chains, etc.

    Format of drawing: Auto CAD, IGS/. STP/. C_T/. PRT/. STEP/. STL/.or 3D format drawings will be better. If not, 2D drawing is also acceptable.

  • Quality Inspection

    Quality Inspection

    We always have a pre-production sample before mass production and have a final inspection before shipment. In addition to passing ISO9001:2008, we conduct an internal quality audits every 6 months, such as QSA (Quality System Audit) and QPA (Quality Process Audit). We have good quality control in all stages of production, including incoming control, process quality monitoring, factory inspection, and related tests. In addition, we can establish AQP and SPC control according to customers' requirements. All of these enable us to ensure customer satisfaction. 

CNC Machining FAQs

  • What kinds of Production Equipment do DF have?
    A :

    3/4/5 CNC Machines, CNC Turning Machines, Auto-Lathes, Lathes, Drilling Machines, CD Texture Machines, Screw Cutting Machines, Diamond Cut Machines, Polishing Machines, etc.

  • What kinds of Inspection Equipment do DF have?
    A :

    2D Project, Height Gages, Calipers, Thickness Machines, Hardness Machines, Micro collimator, etc.

  • What is the lead time?
    A :

    a). It usually takes 15 to 30 days after sample confirmation and receiving your advance payment.

    b). The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.

    c). If the item was non-standard, we have to consider extra 10-15 days.

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