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An Introduction to Several Common Classifications of CNC Milling Probes!

Common types of CNC milling probes

CNC milling probes commonly used include single-blade milling cutters, two-blade vertical milling cutters, and four-blade vertical milling cutters.

Single-blade CNC milling probe:

This tool has high processing efficiency, uses high-quality hard alloys as the tool body, generally uses edge sharpening technology, and has high-capacity chip removal, so the tool has characteristics such as no sticking chips, low heat generation, and high glossiness in high-speed cutting.

It is widely used in the fields of crafts, electronics, advertising, decoration, and woodworking processing, suitable for factory batch processing and products with high requirements.

CNC milling probes: two-blade vertical milling cutters and four-blade vertical milling cutters

This type of tool generally uses a whole alloy structure, which has strong stability. The tool can work firmly on the processing surface, ensuring effective processing quality. It is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as carbon steel, mold steel, alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, and cast iron, and is suitable for general mold, mechanical parts processing.

Classification of CNC milling probes by structural form

However, according to the different structural forms of milling cutters, CNC milling probes can also be divided into: face milling cutters (also called end milling cutters), mold milling cutters, keyway milling cutters, and shaping milling cutters.

Face milling cutter:

The circumferential surface and end face of the face milling cutter have cutting edges, and the end cutting edge is a secondary cutting edge. Face milling cutters are mostly made into a set of inserted teeth structure and a blade machine clamp-rotatable structure. The tooth material is high-speed steel or hard alloy, and the tool body is 40Cr. Drilling tool, including drill, reamer, tap, etc.

Mold milling cutter:

The mold milling cutter is developed from the vertical milling cutter and can be divided into three types: cone-shaped vertical milling cutter, cylindrical ball-end vertical milling cutter, and cone-shaped ball-end vertical milling cutter. Its handle has a straight handle, a flat cutting type straight handle, and a Morse taper shank.

Its structural feature is that the ball head or end surface is full of cutting edges, and the circumferential edge is connected with the ball head edge in an arc, which can be fed radially and axially. The working part of the CNC milling probe is made of high-speed steel or hard alloy.

Keyway milling cutter:

Used for milling keyways.

Shaping milling cutter:

The cutting edge is consistent with the shape of the workpiece surface.

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